We left at 3am headed to Florida. Excited was not the word, I hadn’t been anywhere in a long time. I did wonder how well I was going to do with such a long drive. We piled all of our stuff in the truck and took off. It was smooth sailing through Maryland and DC. As we were leaving DC entering into Virginia a light flashed. Man, he was speeding. so we were caught speeding on camera. I said, “that bill will be waiting on us when we return.”  I had to giggle. We rode through Virginia doing the speed limit and without running into that heavy Va. traffic. It was to early in the morning, people leaving for work were not up yet.

Virginia is a huge state. It takes forever to drive through it. It’s beautiful and the State motto is Virginia is for lovers. Well that’s what we are so it’s fitting that we would drive through such a wonderful place. I found out Virginia is not a state; it’s a common wealth.

What’s a common wealth you might ask? A common wealth is a political community founded for the common good. Virginia is one of four states in the United States that are in fact common wealth states. The other three are Kentucky, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Common Wealth is used in their full official state name. Prior to 1776 they were British Colonies or parts there of. Kentucky was originally part of  the land grant for the Colony of Virginia. These four states share a strong influence of English common law. So far there was no need to stop for gas. We weren’t even at half a tank yet. Next up North Carolina.

North Carolina, my hometown state. Charlotte is where I am from. The Queen City. It’s beautiful. Lots of mountains and fields.  I have often thought of relocating back home but I don’t know. I am not crazy about the idea. It doesn’t move me like I want it to. North Carolina is massive as well. It takes a long time to drive through this state too. It’s Bo time! Bojangles that is…known for fried chicken. It’s 8am in the morning they are serving breakfast. We stopped for breakfast and fuel. The truck was at half tank.

To be continued…