My 2ยข

This is a teachable moment for our youth the students from the schools that made their voices heard…the entire student body that started this riot needs to be made to help clean up and rebuild what has been destroyed.
There is a better way to go about being heard. It’s obvious the practices of those that have come before us are not working. If we want to be heard violence is not the way and destroying our communities is not the way. It’s counter productive. The best way to be heard is to boycott businesses…gas stations, public transportation, malls,  online shopping, your jobs(if no one goes to work for a day no work can get done for that day). 24 hours would make a big difference but we all have to be on the same page; a small group will not be affective, everyone has to participate. If we stopped our spending and lending our expertise, we would be extremely affective. The thing is people are afraid to do these things, but the AA community spends more money in our country than any other race.