Happy New Year

Greetings Everyone…

Welcoming 2018 is a blessing. Today, January 1, 2018 is the beginning of me trying something new. I decided I would do my very best to remain positive everyday, even if it is something that is upsetting. I will do my best to find something positive in the situation or experience. In my pursuit to remain positive everyday I will be relying more on God and The Bible to assist me.

I hope Everyone is well and I wish you all Lots of Love, Light and Wellness.

Peace & Blessings LiMaMi


Feeling Perplexed

On The Today Show this morning they did a story on Selma now and apparently the people that live there right now were not aware of Selma’s history until the movie and citizens interviewed stated ” we are more divided then ever. ” How can this be?

Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.