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​Just think about this…Congress is in session 3.3 days a week. Even though they are paid a full salary for a 5 day work week. We the citizens of the United States  that work and pay taxes provide them a salary. On an average thats approximately 149 days a year that congress is in session. Even with Congress being in session for approximately 149 days a year they still aren’t doing as much work as they could and should be doing for the American people. There is something wrong with this picture. 

It is often said that people who receive food stamps and money from social services are working the system. One might say our lawmakers are working the system more so because we pay them for not getting work done. Would you still be employed if you only worked 3.3 days a week and still refused to do your job during the days you were actually at work? 


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  1. Amen! If only there was a way to fire them.

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