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I wrote this post 2 years ago and today it is almost 30 days that he is no longer here with us…I am devastated. R.I.P Prince

I saw my first Prince concert when I was 11 years old…It was Thanksgiving, he opened his Dirty Mind tour here in Baltimore. He was opening for Rick James. I was mesmerized. You might say that 11 years old was to young to be seeing such a provocative concert. I would agree but I had a ball. He even threw this thing that had feathers on it and a clip on the end. I caught a white one. When I took it home that night, my mother got mad; took it and cut it up. When I became older I found out it was a roach clip. LOL…ROFLMAO!!!!! That day I fell in love with Prince and he and I have had this on going love affair ever since…I’m always checking for anything and everything pertaining to Prince. I have every CD, movie,book, poster,t-shirt or magazine I can get my hands on…I have been to countless concerts impromptu and planned. I watch Purple Rain every time it comes on television even though I have the DVD. The only thing I want to do is have the pleasure of meeting him. I have been loving him for 33 years and would just love to meet him face to face.72922_10151741789799762_863986280_n


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