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Just my 2¢

What’s going on with Bill Cosby and his private life has nothing to do with the African American community. There is nothing we can do to help or hinder Mr. Cosby. Honestly, it’s his private life and really none of our business. The only person besides those that are accusing him that should have something to say or feel some kind of way is his wife Camille. The only thing we are doing is talking, tweeting & posting about something that does not involve us. We are not paying attention to what is really going on. As African Americans our focus should be on the double standards and blatant injustice in our country. The armed Caucasian militia in Oregon would not be tolerated at all in a predominantly African American community. The National Guard would be activated and the police would shoot first and ask questions later.


One comment on “Just my 2¢

  1. I completely agree with you! It’s very bizarre how Mr Cosby is being treated over alleged allegations versus known paedophiles

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