My Daily Life…Day 5: Fog, Elegy

I see why people do drugs or drink alcohol when they’re in pain.
I don’t do drugs and very rarely do I drink,
pain is all I feel and think.
When people see me and they know I have MS the first thing that they say is “Well, you sure don’t look sick.”
I am glad it doesn’t show.
The pain I have never goes away.
I never get a break, it never lets up. Sometimes I could just pull my hair out. Pain in my fingers,
pain in my toes,
muscle spasm in my legs
muscle spasms on my side
muscle spasms in my arms
muscle spasms in my hands
muscle spasms in my neck
muscle spasms in my feet.
All I wish I could do is sleep
I have an electrical sensation in my feet and hands.
It feels look I touched a light switch that is not grounded.
So far I have wrote about 3 or 4 topics. My mind is cloudy my brain is a blur
I have not been able to focus on anything today. 
I’m such a miserable mess.
The only thing that I’m sure of is I’m mourning the life I had before MS.

Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.


2 comments on “My Daily Life…Day 5: Fog, Elegy

  1. Your poem really conveyed your suffering in a very raw and visceral way. It makes the cancer I’ve been dealing with for the past couple years seem trivial. I hope the future will hold hope for treatment that will relive your pain.

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