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The Future of Me

I live day to day Not sure what lies the next It never use to be this way I live for the future and hold no regrets In the morning when I rise I’m grateful that God blessed me once again to see from my eyes and to do the best I can to take […]

5 Fingers

I think I will learn to play the piano I have five fingers on each hand Right thumb to Right Pinky Are numbered one to five Left thumb to Left Pinky are Numbered the same Learning how to play has been fun so far I will get back all that MS has stolen from me […]

Never Forget

No Justice No Peace! Wishing all my readers Love, Light & Wellness.

My Daily Life…Day 5: Fog, Elegy

I see why people do drugs or drink alcohol when they’re in pain. I don’t do drugs and very rarely do I drink, pain is all I feel and think. When people see me and they know I have MS the first thing that they say is “Well, you sure don’t look sick.” I am […]

Water: Day 1 Haiku

endlessly enveloping all it touches bathing skin like the sun in July water flows soft, yet powerful LiMaMi 2/2015

Journey: Day 2 Limmerick

Driving to places that are unknown Ignoring the calls on my phone While I’m watching the rain stain my window pane LiMaMi 2/2015

Throw Back Thursday

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we made this video. Jason Brooks – Control The World [OFFICIAL VIDEO] HD: