The fatigue is unreal. It’s not a sleepy tired. It feels like concrete is attached to my body. Everything just feels so heavy. Day after day it’s a chore just to sit up in bed. I only have energy to complete one thing so I always say you better make it good girl. Climbing the stairs is like climbing a mountain. It’s only 13 of them but it’s a strenuous task. Once I’m upstairs most times I do not go back down. I just don’t know, this disease robs you of your life and then you are forced to try to figure out how to live again. It’s hard to keep trying to reinvent yourself over and over again.

MS Fatigue referred to as Lassitude

  • Generally occurs on a daily basis
  • May occur early in the morning, even after a restful night’s sleep
  • Tends to worsen as the day progresses
  • Tends to be aggravated by heat and humidity
  • Comes on easily and suddenly
  • Is generally more severe than normal fatigue
  • Is more likely to interfere with daily responsibilities

1 thought on “Fatigue”

  1. I was diagnosed with Fibromalygia (spelled wrong) in 2004, so I get fatigue/tired I feel like I’m carrying an extra me, especially going up the steps, I feel like I’ve completed a tripathlon. Thanks for sharing, best wishes.

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