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I have 2 MRIs scheduled soon. One will be 2 hours and the other 1 hour on 2 different days. The MRI takes a total of 3 hours but I can’t handle a 3 hour MRI so it has to be split up…oh did I mention I am claustrophobic and I have GAD(anxiety disorder). So […]

MS Hug

I’m having a muscle spasm that goes completely around my torso; Under my breast completely around my ribs and my back…I can’t take a deep breath.

My body is having a power failure…

CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME I’m having a very difficult time with this symptom…especially ever since it has gotten hot outside. I feel like hardened concrete is attached to my body. Fatigue is not the same thing as tiredness. Tiredness happens to everyone  it is an expected feeling after certain activities or at the end of the day. […]

Frustrated & Stressed

I applied for disability on 05/1/2012; I was denied in August. I immediately applied again and I was denied in April 2013. I requested an appeal in April 2013. I have waited 14 months so far only to  receive a letter stating my request for an appeal has been received, this is June 2014. The letter […]


The fatigue is unreal. It’s not a sleepy tired. It feels like concrete is attached to my body. Everything just feels so heavy. Day after day it’s a chore just to sit up in bed. I only have energy to complete one thing so I always say you better make it good girl. Climbing the […]