#claiming my body back

Good Morning, 
Noticed that my legs have gotten weaker, hardly no energy, having alot difficulty walking up and down the steps…just noticing some serious deterioration..so the money I received so far from this fundraiser went towards the purchase of a recumbent exercise bike. Thankyou very much to all  my supporters, your support is unmeasurable. I started using it today, I have to be able to walk on my own power. I will not give up!


3 comments on “#claiming my body back

  1. I hope the bike is helpful for you! Are you sure you aren’t in a relapse if this is all of a sudden? If not, I’ve read great things about the bike. They also have a “walking pill” on the market if you aren’t nursing. Not sure how it works exactly but my neuro explained that it kind of “fills in the gaps” in our nerve fibers.

    • Thank you for asking I’m not sure I will find out soon…I can’t let MS just take over and have it’s way I have to fight it.

      • Feel better! I look forward to hearing how the bike worked for you. 🙂 While you are waiting on results, there is something else on the market that kind of wraps around the leg and is electronic. I have no clue what it is called. It might be worth asking about.

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