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Anxiety & Panic


I have GAD(Generalized Anxiety Disorder) & panic attacks…The first time I had a panic attack I thought I was dying. I had an extreme nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I had numbness and tingling sensations in my arms, hands, legs and feet. I could not move or speak. I felt paralyzed. Sweat was pouring off of  me and I could not say what was wrong. The only thing I could do was whisper “Jesus” until the feeling went away. I only began to experience this about 2 years ago. It’s one of the worst experiences that I have had to date. What about the doctors you might ask? Yes, what about them? I have a huge medical team. I have a psychiatrist and a therapist. A neurologist, psychologist, physical therapist for 6 different disciplines of physical therapy. A cardiologist, gastroenterologist, geneticist, primary care physician, you name it I have it. Most times a pill is prescribed to put a band aid on a situation that needs to be fixed. The band aid is just temporary and comes off often. Needless to say, I am not a pill taker. I believe that most medications mask and don’t cure. Not all but quite of few of them do. Some of them are necessary for example the treatment for cancer and autoimmune diseases. I firmly believe that there are holistic remedies as well.That work just as effectively if not better than a pill. We are wondrously made and there is alot the brain can do to help the body when you provide it with the right tools.

For more information on one of the tools I recommend for GAD & panic please follow the link… http://5e184dimgvc65399on48ie1la6.hop.clickbank.net/



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