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Out of patience!

I honestly have had enough of pain and constant itching. I could just scratch myself to death, so I took myself to the ER. I arrived at 1:30am triage nurse Bryan told me I had a 5 hour wait. Reluctantly, I agreed to wait that long. I spent 7 hours in JH ER and still wasn’t seen. The communication from nursing staff to patient is horrible and there is no regard and a lack of respect for a patient that is miserable and waiting to be seen…The night staff was very attentive and helpful up until 6am. Things drastically changed after 6am and I can only figure this happened because the staff were about to change shifts. Unfortunately, No one came to update us or say anything after the 5 hour wait expired; they just left us there waiting. At 7am the shift changed. I spoke with Lisa the registrar who seemed very condescending, her facial expression showed an extreme lack of concern. I received the message loud and clear. She told me she was aware that patients had been waiting to be seen since 130am but in her words “there is nothing I can do.” I asked Lisa to call the charge nurse three times between 7:15am and 8:00am.  Charge Nurse Della finally came out at 8:05am; As I talked to her and explained the situation she corrected me and said I had been waiting 6.5 hours and the only thing she could say was I had another hour or more to wait…She stood in front of me with this I don’t give a damn attitude. The energy I picked up from her was condescending and lacked compassion. She actually stood there and said she knew how I felt and that sent me over the edge. I told her she might understand where I am coming from but I doubt that. I told her she couldn’t possibly understand how I feel because she wasn’t the one that was feeling miserable and needing to be seen. She wasn’t the one in constant pain and itching from head to toe. I feel as though once Charge Nurse Della received report on the patients waiting to be seen several things should have happened. I will only address myself because I don’t know the circumstances in which the other patients needed help. So, I am a MS patient and I have come because of pain and constant itching. Pain which is the norm for me but itching which is new and been constant for 2 weeks or more. It should have become aware to Nurse Della,through a technique called critical thinking; that her patient with MS that had been waiting for over 5 hours needed to be made aware of what was going on with being seen by the doctor because waiting to be seen is stressful and stress exacerbates the symptoms that a patient with MS has. It’s called communication and compassion; 60 % of all communication is non-verbal, 30% is tone, 10% is talking. When you are communicating with someone communication is not what you’re saying but the perception in which the person receives what you are saying.Communication and compassion goes a very long way in the medical field; I know this because that was my profession for over 20 years. I told her I did not have the patience to wait another hour or more and that I was leaving. I had run out of patience; so I left. I waited for the administrative office to open and reported the incident


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