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12 Years A Slave

I watched 12 Years A Slave Monday night…I didn’t want to watch it because I knew it would upset me…My ethnicity is American Indian, Caucasian and African…my Great Grandmother on my mother’s side was African and a slave…so I am only 4 generations from that experience…movies about slavery and American Indians stir up deep emotions within me…with 12 Years I became upset not to long after the movie began…I shouldn’t have watched it but I did…and I’m just going to say this; it is often asked why do African Americans act like we feel something is owed to us? Why do we always throw the race card? Why are we angry? Why can’t we let it go? The answer to the questions is because things have not changed that much and we are still feeling the less than humane treatment that our ancestors suffered. The ability for healing and forgiveness has not been truly given to us yet. No, it may not be anyone’s responsibility to provide this but room has not been made in our society for it to happen…people just want to sweep it away like it didn’t happen. You wouldn’t tell the survivor of The Holocaust or their children to just let what happened to them go would you?


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