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Happy NewYear!

I went back and read all my post for my MS journey and I noticed that with everything I’ve written it didn’t sound to positive; not did I state what my plan is for all the issues I complain about.
On New Years Eve I watched Joel Osteen. It seems everytime I watch him he seems to be talking to me. So for this New Year and all the years to come I’ve decided that I will take his advice and “Let It Go!”
Instead of lingering in the past and wallowing in self pity about what the doctors didn’t do, everything I can’t do, everyone that’s not there for me and all the unfortunate events that have happened I am going to move forward. I’m going to start living in the present and looking toward the future. I can not change the past but I can work with what I have to make my future brighter.
Peace and Blessings


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