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Action/no action

Perception is reality. Advertisements


Severe Migraine  😦  Good Night. Peace & Blessings

Daily Prompt: Forward(“Sankofa Bird”)

Visually and symbolically “Sankofa” is expressed as a mythical bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg (symbolizing the future) in its mouth. We should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us, so that we can achieve our full potential as we move forward. Whatever we […]

Getting What We Want

Very Empowering And Motivating.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Don’t disturb me! Can’t you see I’m busy?

Relationships With Writers …

Originally posted on Happy Holly Project:
OK, not that I am in a relationship right now … but for those of you who are … and for anyone who wants to hang with me later … I just thought a few ground-rules might be in order. I would suggest paying real close attention to numbers…

Daily Prompt: The Best- I think best in the morning

I think my best is in the early morning hours(5-6am); when most of the world is catching those extra winks; when all of my house is still asleep. The early morning hours is when the fog has not rolled into to my head. Once the fog rolls in; my mind is cloudy, confusion has set in […]