Stressed and Frustrated Rage

I mentioned in a past blog that I was having symptoms for MS for 7 years before I was diagnosed. I believe if I was diagnosed earlier and given treatment I would not be having the difficulties I’m having now. By the time I was diagnosed I was having a significant amount of trouble walking and talking.
That brings me to the cane I am using. I was completely aware that my balance was off. It was one of the first symptoms. However using the cane has shown me exactly how unsteady my balance is and that I need to rely on assistance. With this in mind it makes me think that I am getting worst.  In physical therapy, I am working hard to get strong enough to where I don’t need the cane or any assistance with walking. I don’t want to have to use anything to help me walk.
Then there was an assessment done for my memory yesterday. Now I have been complaining about not being able to focus and retain information for a very long time; years to be exact.
Also, I complained about when having a conversation I forget what I wanted to say or what I was saying. I even have difficulty with the flow of the conversation because I’m searching to find the words I’m trying to say. Which brings me back to when I originally complained about what was happening. Once again, if I received the treatment that I needed I firmly believe I would not be having the significant issues and difficulties I am having now.
Not to mention I applied for disability over 19 months ago. I’ve been denied twice and I’m presently waiting on a hearing date. I have been waiting for just the date for over 7 months. I can very easily call this RAGE.


2 comments on “Stressed and Frustrated Rage

  1. Hold on – hang on – and get a lawyer, if you haven’t already. Keep talking about it, too.

  2. Yes, I have a lawyer and Thankyou for your words of encouragement.

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