Still not happy

I have been pretty upset about having to have a cane. Having the cane says to me I’m getting worse; although my physical therapist says it’s just for safety.
Over the last 2 1/2 years it’s been doctors visits, my pcp, neurologist, urologist, geneticist, physical therapist, therapists and psychiatrist. All kinds of test optic neuritis, blood work, REF, EKG , xrays, cat scans, several MRI, echo cardiogram, etc.
I have several medications I take just to manage this disease. I give myself an injection every night before I go to bed. All this just to decrease the amount of relapses I have. It will not cure it. I have had 2 surgeries and along with MS I have developed a rare symptom affecting my heart. You can probably surmise I don’t have much of a social life and the relationship stuff is non-existent.
I wanted to do physical theraphy because I didn’t want a cane or a walker. Which takes me back to December 8, 2004. If the doctors had paid attention to what I was complaining about instead of spinning their wheels, if the treatment had of been started earlier than 7 years I am sure I would not be having the issues I’m having. I feel as though my medical team prior to 2011 failed me. I am very distraught that they didn’t hear me and acknowledge the auto immune markers from the spinal tap.



I started physical therapy recently and not only do I need PT. I also have to have occupational therapy, speech therapy and a neurological assessment. So far PT is very hard and painful. You really don’t realize how important you’re body its until its not functioning properly. Standing up from a chair and sitting back is extremely difficult and painful.