In the beginning…

There is no pain like migraine pain…It even surpasses labor pain in my opinion. On December 8, 2004; I woke up with the most excruciating headache. It felt like someone was in my head with a jack hammer tearing up concrete. I was light headed and dizzy. I was also having nausea and vomiting. The migraine wasn’t the beginning of the symptoms…maybe a year before that I became lightheaded. I had episodes of dizziness and I had fallen several times. I ignored it, I thought I was just being clumsy. I was 34 years old at that time.
     I decided to go to the emergency room on December 8th. While I was at the emergency room the doctor performed a spinal tap and prescribed Metoclopramide IV for my migraine. The IV helped some but after the spinal tap the nurse said I could get up, I was being discharged. The doctor told me my spinal tap was normal. So I got ready to leave. It was to soon for me to get up. I was suppose to lay there for at least 30 minutes. To my chagrin I ended up with spinal tap headache on top of my migraine. I suffered with this headache for over a year.
     My primary care physician prescribed several different types of medicine trying to help me relieve the migraine I was having. Nothing was helping. She said, she thought it might be MS…she referred me to a neurologist. I had to wait 8 weeks for an appointment to see a neurologist. That was the longest 8 weeks of my life and it was through the holiday season. Finally the appointment to see the neurologist arrived.
     I had an MRI and the neurologist was going to go over the results of the MRI as well.  During the visit she told me that in order to be diagnosed with MS I needed to have 9 lesions on my brain and I only had 4 lesions.  She also said that it was inappropriate for my primary care physician to say I might have MS and she wasn’t a neurologist. As far as she was concerned the lesions that were on my brain were indicative of severe migraines and not of multiple sclerosis…


3 thoughts on “In the beginning…”

  1. I have been going through your page and decided to start at the beginning of your posts. I must say I have never heard of the 9 lesions rule. And i have been to 1 of the top MS professionals in the U.S. I only have 4 lesions myself and I am here to say that my MS is real. And I ended up at that neurologist because my primary physician recommended due to the fear that I might have MS. We discussed it at length before I went to the neurologist. My primary doctor’s discussion was invaluable to helping me understand what I might be up against. Just my experience though.

    1. Thankyou for reading my ramblings Danny. I truly appreciate it. I remember after having an exacerbation and being admitted in the hospital; The doctors saying they weren’t sure what was wrong but in my discharge paperwork I had info for MS. I insisted the team come speak to me before they left and when they did they were still on the fence with not being sure. The next morning my primary called to say he was sorry to inform me that I had MS and I told him what the hospital said. It was one of the hardest and most difficult experiences I’ve ever had. Although our experiences are different no doubt with share the same conclusion MS is real.
      Wishing you love, light & wellness, Lisa

      1. Yes you are right, MS is real. lol I enjoyed browsing this morning through the early years of your blog and your experience.

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